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Looking to Guest Post? Here’s How You Can Find The Best Sites to Guest Post On

If you have your own blog and you are looking forward to guest post, it’s a great step. But you must know one thing, guest posting is not that easy as it looks. You just cannot guest post wherever you want. First you need to find blogs which will do full justice to your post and give you the right kind of audience. Next point is where you have to convince the owner of that blog to accept your post for publishing on that blog. This is where the competition begins.


Here is what you can do to find the best sites to guest post on

1. Write your own blogs based on your own niche

Select your own niche(something suitable for you), and start writing blogs based on that particular niche. Write for us something you are really good at, you know everything about. Don’t deviate from the topic of your interest. Also don’t write nameless or ghost blogs as they have no value online. Write stuff that is publicly accessible. People should have easy access to it such as page 1 of a newsletter. Write for us tech posts or any hot topic of interest. Share links with bloggers who have a good online influence.

2. Social media


You need to have a really good presence on social media and networking sites and a lot of people following you. For that, you need to create a more legitimate profile which carries your own picture as a profile photo, personal data such as the company you are working for, your job profile, interests, career history and stuff like that. Your profile must sound authentic. The less information you share, the more fake your profile is gonna look.

3. Blog search

Make a list of authors, bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs who are making it big online these days and which also fit in your niche. These include people who get talked a lot about online, authors with published books and bloggers who are in the news nowadays. Also there are entrepreneurs with top selling products. But make sure to confirm that these people are in your niche.

Look for good decent content, not just the creamy layer. Use very specific long keywords to search for blogs that are closely linked to your topic of interest or your business. Filter down the search to choose a highly specific topic. The blog must not feature any spam and also there should be a clear balance between ads and readable content.

Keep a close watch on people’s feedback about that blog you wish to guest post on. Check how many people are giving positive remarks about that site. Link:domain.com is a really good google search operator to find the right kind of blog for you. Also observe traffic and SEO ranking of that blog. A good SEO result ranking will help your guest post receive top priority on a google search engine rank list. Your post can then be easily found by users globally.

Are you looking to guest post on our site? If yes you can write for us tech topics if you’re interested